About the 2020 Board of Education election

Although One Montgomery did endorse candidates in previous Montgomery County Board of Education races, we are not endorsing specific candidates in the 2020 primary election. 

However, we urge voters to support candidates who will work toward equity and excellence in our schools. One immediate test is whether they support the current school board’s efforts to fully document and understand the way current school boundaries work to either integrate or further segregate schools.

Of the 13 candidates running for the at-large seat, the following four candidates are known to support such a study (in alphabetic order): Sunil Dasgupta, Lynne Harris, and Dalbin Osorio, and Cameron Rhode. We hope you will vote for one of them in the primary election.

For information about the candidates, go to the League of Women Voters. If you put in your address it will give you information about all the candidates you are eligible to vote for. We’ve also worked with 12 other organizations in Montgomery County to create an Equity Questionnaire with candidates’ responses on issues relating to equity in our schools.

Due to Covid-19, the county has mailed ballots to all registered voters. Remember that ballots must be postmarked by June 2. The top two candidates will then face each other in the general election.