We are committed to school equity as a means for creating a stronger community. To achieve these goals, we’ve developed a short list of principles Montgomery County Public Schools can follow to help close the achievement gap. This isn’t a complete list, and we always welcome suggestions.

  • EQUITY. Allocate resources according to educational load to ensure that each child receives instruction and supports according to her needs in order to receive a world-class education.
  • LEADERSHIP. Competent and effective leadership at all levels, with commitment to accountability, transparency and results.
  • ACCESS. Ensure that all students are able to access the excellent opportunities MCPS has to offer, according to ability and desire, and are actively recruited and encouraged to achieve.
  • DIVERSITY. Promote hiring practices so that professional staffing reflects student population.
  • COMMUNITY. Stimulate (support) use of school facilities as a center of community activities.
  • PARTNERSHIP. Actively seek to establish and maintain partnerships with businesses and non-profits for the benefit of students.

3 replies on “Vision”

You missed out on an opportunity to endorse Ed Amatetti. He is a wonderful educator with great ideas. I hope you find room for him on your list one day. Ed Amatetti is my choice and a lot of my friends are going to vote for him.

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