We are a group of concerned parents and local citizens coming together to better understand, support and improve our schools, especially those that are failing to meet the high academic standards for which Montgomery County has traditionally been well known.

Schools are the centerpiece of a thriving community and are directly linked to the development of our children into contributing members of our community. The success and perception of our schools also affects our property values, safety and local economic development.

We are committed to understanding why our schools are struggling and informing our neighbors; we will volunteer to help our schools, their students and families; we will seek additional support for our struggling schools from the school system, County government, and legislative leaders; and we will work in coalition with all who share our concern and commitment.

If you share our concerns and would like to help us work toward achieving high academic performance and quality schools for all students of Montgomery County, reach out to us at onemontschools@gmail.com, on Twitter @onemontschools, on our Facebook page, or our listserv.

And if you’d like to understand more about the challenges facing our school system, please read our summary of the 2014 report from the county’s Office of Legislative Oversight on the achievement gap in MCPS high schools, as well as this series on the connection between schools, neighborhoods, and our local economy by Dan Reed, One Montgomery’s social media chair.



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  1. […] for a smart and nuanced discussed of this, see One Montgomery’s ongoing work and the reports by the Community Foundation referenced in the second article […]

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